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The kit includes:

wax candle
Himalayan salt
palo santo stick
citrine (attracts luck and money, increases energy)
aventurine (increases well-being, improves leadership and creativity)


Create an altar from your favorite flowers, herbs, things that have meaning in your space, it can also be a special dish - let your creativity run wild.
Place stones on the altar, sprinkle some salt, place a candle.
Light a stick of palo santo, blow out the flame to make it smoke.
Light the candle on the altar and place the smoking stick of palo santo there.
Leave the candle to burn out, smoke the palo santo stick for ten minutes while reciting mantras that attract well-being. Mantras are best thought up by yourself. If you don't succeed in composing them, here are the ones we recommend - I AM FINANCIALLY FREE, I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE MONEY I HAVE. I AM A MONEY MAGNET. MONEY COMES EASY TO ME. I SPEND MONEY WITH PLEASURE.
Leave the altar with stone and salt in the room, in a place where it does not interfere with daily activities.
Mix the remaining salt in the water and wash the room with it after performing the ritual.
It is recommended to repeat the ritual once every six months.

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